State of the Magazine

Happy New Year Everyone.

Because I don’t believe that blogs should an output for all of ones personal problems and I don’t want to bring in the New Year by sharing mine, I won’t go into detail with everything that has happened here except to say that it has effected my ability to produce Issue #4 of Port Iris Magazine on time. For that, I sincerely apologize. An official announcement for the pending release is up at

However, I will share my good news.

Although I lost the licenses to all my Adobe products, which I rely heavily on to produce Port Iris Magazine, I have arranged access to a CS5 upgrade, so there are no worries there. This is the second time that I have lost the use of Adobe to the detriment of the magazine, so one of this year’s goals is to switch to open source alternatives of InDesign and Acrobat before I permanently loose these products when I graduate.

My pending graduation is good news #2. I am now in my last year of my dissertation research and on track to be Dr. Seda by December. However, I will certainly need more help in producing Port Iris Magazine for the next year. I am actively looking for someone to act as assistant editor or even co-editor. More information for what I’m looking for can be found here. I have yet to receive any contacts about the position.

Luckily, I may already have a job lined up after graduation. I have been personally invited to apply for a post-doctorial research fellowship in a government lab. So some of the current unexpected activity is due to trying to put together an application packet and an additional research proposal unrelated to my own research. I will no longer be on a graduate student income (For just how pathetic this amount is, click here and realize that mine is below the average.) A real job will mean an expansion in the pay rate and/or number of stories in Port Iris Magazine.

One more goal for 2011 is for me to maintain a more active blog, so I will do so at my new personal blog,

Despite the setbacks last year, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, and this year is already looking up. Good luck to everyone in 2011.

Casey Seda


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