Today, I learned what happens when you decide to be inactive on Twitter for a weekend to get some stuff done. At least I came across the blog post of Adam Isreal this morning, where he talks about AlterNaNoWriMo, which came about this weekend.

The rules of AlterNaNoWriMo are simple:

  1. Just like the real NaNoWriMo, the work you’re rewarded for begins on November 1st and ends at midnight on November 30th but doesn’t have to be a novel, or even 50,000 words.
  2. Be accountable. Blog and/or tweet tweet (with the #alternano hash tag) your goal(s) your progress.

Because I would also prefer to write short fiction and see it as a more productive use of this time, I am revising my goals for November stated in yesterday’s blog post.


  • Write everyday
  • Weekly Blog Updates
  • Daily Twitter updates (at @caseysays)
  • Draft, rewrite, and submit untitled story for 20Spec
  • Rewrite and submit Familiar
  • Rewrite untitled zombie story
  • Draft 1 fantasy  and 2 sci-fi stories that I have outlined
  1. November 1st, 2010

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