Another Project Down: ISFPA

I’ve recently finished coding for the 2nd of 3 website projects I’ve been working on. Well, technically. This one is going to be an ongoing project but will be largely run by the community for which we’ve made it.

Once again, I’ve been working with Jaym Gates for this one. After the success of #zinechat, I brought up the idea of creating an organization for the publishers of speculative fiction magazines. As it turns out, she was already considering a similar project for small presses, for which #zinechat was to be a part. We decided to join our efforts to create the Independent Speculative Fiction Publishers Association (ISFPA).

Staying in the vein of #zinechat, the ISFPA will be open to the everyone in the SF community: publishers, writers, and readers. However, its purpose will be to nurture the creation and continued existence of independently operated magazines and small presses.

I am currently in the process of securing a domain name and a web server, but the ISFPA website will be coming soon. Once the website goes live, I will have a more detailed announcement here.

2 down 1 to go: version 2.

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