I had every intention of using an increase in free time that came my way for making frequent posts on this blog. One thing lead into another and then a cascade of even more events, and I started using the time for a few things that seemed a little more beneficial towards the goal of improving Port Iris Magazine.

Greatest of all is the development of a new website for portiris.com. In addition to a sleeker design, I reconstructed the site from the ground up, using a new base system (WordPress rather than Joomla).

However, this change does affect the fate of this blog. Because of the title and the official connection to Port Iris Magazine, I have kept many less pertinent items, including personal thoughts and opinions to myself. Unfortunately, this fact has lead to less frequent posting, which is essential for a efficient blog.

Because the new site will contain an official blog page, I will be constructing a new personal blog elsewhere, much like my Port Iris and personal twitter accounts: @portiriszine and @caseysays, respectively. This new blog will include similar information found here as well as details on my personal writing, my programming projects, and more.

Additionally I have taken on a major project, which I’ll divulge more about when the time comes. 

You can expect updates on all of these projects as they start coming to a close within the next couple of weeks. 

~Casey Seda

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