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It’s that time of year again, one that typically passes me by in a flurry of papers, beakers and coffee. October to November is the busiest time of the year for me because our lab goes to a national conference every year in November to present our research. Since I discovered the existence of NaNoWriMo three years ago, I have considered it my great misfortune that the two events overlap, writing off NaNoWriMo as an impossibility.

Anybody that follows the buzz of excitement that precedes NaNoWriMo knows that the latter half of October is filled with blogs, podcasts and Twitter feeds meant to spread excitement and encouragement. And I’ve been caught up in the infectious enthusiasm this year, so I’m announcing my intent to participate.

My workload is the same, although the conference is set a week earlier than normal. In fact, I’m faced with the extra pressure this year of producing Issue #4 of Port Iris Magazine for December. If there is one thing that I gained from college aside from my education and my lovely wife, it is learning that I work best under pressure.

Nothing works better for my productivity than an intense workload and hard set timelines, which explains my attraction to NaNoWriMo. My immersion into publishing by starting Port Iris has greatly increased my writing output–words produced not published–to its highest point yet. Still, I face the all too common obstacle of procrastination, so I’m taking this chance to force my hand and to join the multitude of others this November to write my first novel.

The beginning of November will still be crunch time, so output will be limited at first. But I will be taking full advantage of the lull that follows the storm, not allowing myself to slack in that time or too much in the inevitable food coma to follow Turkey Day.

I’ll be keeping people posted of my progress on my personal twitter account, @caseysays.

Happy Halloween and good luck to all you fellow NaNoWriMo writers.


Seeking Co-editor

When starting Port Iris Magazine almost a year ago, it was intended to be a two person project. However, due to a new arrival to his family and some unforeseen extra work at his day job, my would-be-co-editor has been mostly on the sidelines, leaving me to do most of the work myself.

Because next year is going to be a hectic year for me too–I’ll be finishing my Ph.D. studies–I’ve decided to ask for a volunteer to take a more active role in helping me with the magazine and its growth.

I’m looking for somebody with a strong background in English, and I would prefer somebody that has spent time editing or at least reading slush elsewhere. If interested, please contact me at portiriszine [at] with the following information:

1. Name
2. Email address
3. Why do you want to do this
4 How much time are you willing to devote to this project (weekly)
4. Any experience (Education and how long you’ve been editing, writing, reading speculative fiction)
5. What are your favorite stories in Port Iris Magazine and why
6. A little about your tastes in SF (Which Magazines, Editors, authors, etc. do you follow.)

All applications will be kept confidential.

I’m pleased to announce the launch of, the website for the Independent Speculative Fiction Publishers Association.

The ISFPA is an organization to promote science fiction, fantasy and horror  magazines and small presses. This website contains references for publishers and people looking to start in the industry. Features include a browsable list of speculative fiction publishers, a location to provide information about #zinechat and a forum for interactive discussion between publishers and enthusiasts.

Website membership is open to all. Please enjoy.

Casey Seda

Another Project Down: ISFPA

I’ve recently finished coding for the 2nd of 3 website projects I’ve been working on. Well, technically. This one is going to be an ongoing project but will be largely run by the community for which we’ve made it.

Once again, I’ve been working with Jaym Gates for this one. After the success of #zinechat, I brought up the idea of creating an organization for the publishers of speculative fiction magazines. As it turns out, she was already considering a similar project for small presses, for which #zinechat was to be a part. We decided to join our efforts to create the Independent Speculative Fiction Publishers Association (ISFPA).

Staying in the vein of #zinechat, the ISFPA will be open to the everyone in the SF community: publishers, writers, and readers. However, its purpose will be to nurture the creation and continued existence of independently operated magazines and small presses.

I am currently in the process of securing a domain name and a web server, but the ISFPA website will be coming soon. Once the website goes live, I will have a more detailed announcement here.

2 down 1 to go: version 2.

One Project Down

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve had a few side projects coming to a close soon. I’m happy to say one of these is completed:

Dragon Ink is the result of editors, Jaym Gates and Erika Holt, collaborating to create speculative fiction anthologies. The first of such anthologies is Rigor Amortis,  a collection of zombie romance and erotica short stories, released through Absolute XPress.

I’ve mentioned Jaym here before, as she hosts the #zinechat on Twitter and was largely responsible for the article and interviews from ConCarolinas in Issue #3 of Port Iris Magazine. Jaym is also the editor of Crossed Genres,co-editor of Little Deaths of Crossed Genres, and intern at Fantasy Magazine.

Erika Holt interns for award-winning editor Jennifer Brozek and is a slush reader for Scape, a YA speculative fiction magazine.

My part in bringing Dragon Ink to life was to get the website up and running, and I will likely serve in some small capacity as site administrator. I for one hope it will do well. I’m particularly looking forward to the next scheduled anthology, 20Spec, containing speculative fiction based in the Roaring 1920’s.

1 down 2 to go.

I had every intention of using an increase in free time that came my way for making frequent posts on this blog. One thing lead into another and then a cascade of even more events, and I started using the time for a few things that seemed a little more beneficial towards the goal of improving Port Iris Magazine.

Greatest of all is the development of a new website for In addition to a sleeker design, I reconstructed the site from the ground up, using a new base system (WordPress rather than Joomla).

However, this change does affect the fate of this blog. Because of the title and the official connection to Port Iris Magazine, I have kept many less pertinent items, including personal thoughts and opinions to myself. Unfortunately, this fact has lead to less frequent posting, which is essential for a efficient blog.

Because the new site will contain an official blog page, I will be constructing a new personal blog elsewhere, much like my Port Iris and personal twitter accounts: @portiriszine and @caseysays, respectively. This new blog will include similar information found here as well as details on my personal writing, my programming projects, and more.

Additionally I have taken on a major project, which I’ll divulge more about when the time comes. 

You can expect updates on all of these projects as they start coming to a close within the next couple of weeks. 

~Casey Seda