Publishing a Webzine #3: Communication Breakdown

The idea of looking forward to a second issue being easier was a gross misconception. Like I’ve heard many parents say before of their children, if the first was anything like the second, there would not have been a second. Sometimes, this saying comes from parents that went on to have a third children or even more, likely out of sheer insanity. Apparently, I’m just as crazy because I still found creating Port Iris enjoyable and there will be more.

The experience of creating Issue #1 was an exceptional one; I was blessed with the good fortune of working with a group of contributors that eased me into the inaugural issue. And I hope to come across issues like that one again.

By no means am I belittling the group involved with Issue #2. This batch of contributors was just as professional and receptive as before. There were just a few unexpected snags this time, most due to poor communication and some of that I was responsible for. Unfortunately, some work that could have been included had to be dismissed.

All in all, the process was successful. We still published in June as planned, though a little later than hoped for. In the future, I will actually aim for the 1st of each projected month of release. It seems like the natural thing to do, and I’m boggled as to why that was not my goal before.

For Issue #3, we’re already ahead of the game. There is one accepted fiction piece and two more undergoing further consideration. Despite even more communication-based difficulties, this time with organizing meeting with interviewees, all of the ConFlux material is in the editing stage. I’d like to thank Jaym Gates for filling in for me at ConCarolinas/DeepSouthCon, after I was no longer able to attend personally. Be sure to look for #3 on September 1st.

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