Be wary of OS updates

So, the last 24 hours or so have been horribly frustrating, and I have learned my lesson of backing up system settings in addition to files, before making updates to my computer. Apple has recently released Mac OS 10.6.3, an update for its operating system 10.6, more commonly known as Snow Leopard. Unfortunately, this update included settings, which renders all Adobe CS3 applications useless for many users, myself included.

Of course the forums at both Apple and Adobe exploded with questions, frustration, and speculation on how to fix the problem, as neither software conglomerate has done much more than to sit tight-lipped in a corner or point at the other. After trying many of the suggestions posed at these forums, I have resolved to downgrade the operating system back to OS 10.6.2, a task that would have been much easier to do, had I been using system backup software such as Time Machine. In my defense, activating Time Machine would have involved partitioning and reformatting my external hard drive, which I have been hesitant in doing, as it currently maintains data for my wife and my other computer.

Tomorrow, I will make the trek to the campus IT guys, to make the step back down to 10.6.2, so that I can use my software again. I am now without the ability to use my existing versions of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Acrobat. I use at least one of these programs daily to produce Port Iris Magazine and to make necessary changes to I’ll be expanding on the use of these software and some similar free replacements in later posts.
All in all, this whole situation has strengthened my decision to make a more concerted effort in reducing my dependency on proprietary software in favor of open source alternatives. Truthfully, I will not miss Dreamweaver that much. Photoshop, on the other hand, will hold a very tight grip on me that I will likely reciprocate for some time yet.

  1. How will this upgrading/downgrading affect any submissions you received?

  2. I did mean to make an update here. The downgrade went well enough and all CS3 apps are up and running again. There were no worries about affecting submissions, except that I was without my computer for a few hours.

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