Oversights in hindsight

     It’s enough to make one bang his head into walls. Well, I made two incredible mistakes that I haven’t done since I wrote my first site. Put simply, I linked to some files on my personal computer rather than ones on the web. Secondly, I didn’t fully check for multi-platform compatability.
     This second one wasn’t so bad. It just meant that the poor users of Microsoft Internet Explorer had a few cosmetic anomalies: some margins that were a bit off and a button hidden behind another image. All this is fixed now, though it still looks marginally better on nearly every other browser. Yes, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera worked perfectly fine. As is typical, Microsoft can’t play nice with others.
     The first mistake, however, was done during the creation of the Port Iris Forum and resulted in loosing many of the visual formatting unless logged in through my own computer. Fixing the script to return to what I wanted was an all day long headache. At least the work has paid off, and the site works even better than before I posted it, as far as I can tell


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