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Holiday Operations

I will be out of town and away from my two constant sources of the internet. I know for a fact that I’ll be unable to check email for a couple days while I visit my wife’s family. So, please keep that in mind as the inevitable delay in email subsequently occurs.

I have been staying on top of the slush pile and keeping at a manageable size. Except for today’s entries, all submitters have been notified of their status.

I hope that everyone is having a enjoyable holiday season, and I wish you all the best into the new year.


Immune system is down, but I have an update

It’s official; as of Saturday, my wife has infected me. So, we are staying in from work this morning and watching the special features from Dollhouse: Season 1. I am still making my way through the slush pile but getting a little behind on status update (rejection) letters. I’m having to take extra time and care to trudge through the fog of head congestion and cold medicine to be sure that I don’t write anything stupid in my emails.

Issue 1 update: I have 2 stories so far that are potential candidates for the first issue. I also have an art piece unofficially lined up for the cover. I’m getting more and more excited as this issue is shaping up.

Vincent Docherty Discusses Online Hugo Eligibility

   Vincent Docherty, the current Hugo Awards administrator, has an article at File770 ( on the “Eligibility of online works under the amended Hugo Award rules“. In this article Vincent talks changes of the Hugo Award rules as they apply to awards for Best Fanzine, Semi-pro Zine, and Related Work.
   Obviously, since I still haven’t published our first issue yet, Port Iris is no where eligible for this award. However, what else is science fiction if not shooting for the greatest of possibilities. I hope that, one day, my publication can contend with the current and future nominees of the award for Best Fanzine. I’m glad to hear that the decision appears to be yes, online works will be considered.

Oversights in hindsight

     It’s enough to make one bang his head into walls. Well, I made two incredible mistakes that I haven’t done since I wrote my first site. Put simply, I linked to some files on my personal computer rather than ones on the web. Secondly, I didn’t fully check for multi-platform compatability.
     This second one wasn’t so bad. It just meant that the poor users of Microsoft Internet Explorer had a few cosmetic anomalies: some margins that were a bit off and a button hidden behind another image. All this is fixed now, though it still looks marginally better on nearly every other browser. Yes, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera worked perfectly fine. As is typical, Microsoft can’t play nice with others.
     The first mistake, however, was done during the creation of the Port Iris Forum and resulted in loosing many of the visual formatting unless logged in through my own computer. Fixing the script to return to what I wanted was an all day long headache. At least the work has paid off, and the site works even better than before I posted it, as far as I can tell


The Forum Is Up

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite anybody and everybody with any interest in speculative fiction in all its forms to the forum at our Port Iris website. I finally have it up and running. I had to wait on posting it due to some bugs that came about once hosted by the webserver. All of the functional glitches have been ironed out. Anyone can join on the forum or by subscribing to the magazine, as registration is synchronized for both components of the site.

We are go

So the site is up and running:
There are still some components that will be posted once I have some formatting bugs worked out. Namely there will be a forum available for all subscribers. Subscription is completely free.
The Port Iris web site includes a complete submission guide as well as submission forms for writers and artists that would like to contribute to the magazine.

Getting my feet wet by jumping in head first

Hello everyone,

I’ve been wanting to start my own speculative fiction magazine for quite some time. I’ve had the website written for months now; I have just been dragging my feet to post it. By starting this blog I’m making the commitment to bring it to the world. I’ll post a link when I have the site up and running by the end of the month.

Feel free to join me for the entire experience of starting and running a zine. If anybody else is interested in doing the same, check out the blog of John Klima, Hugo Award winning editor of Electric Velocipede, where he has a series of entries with plenty of information and encouragement for people wanting take this on.

I will be accepting submissions before the site is up. I will post submission guidelines in my next entry.

Please, drop in often or subscribe to the feed.